Our System

With many years of experience applying the Nano-Shield system we have perfected the most effective ways to optimally treat and protect spaces. Our Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) technicians, use a combination of electrostatic spraying, electric multi-spraying, cold ULV fogging, hand spraying and hand wiping. Each technology has it's use and function. Just like each individual is unique, so is each space. It is critical to have multiple application methods available to ensure each space has been effectively treated.

Electrostatic Spraying

Our application teams use best in class electrostatic sprayers for the spaces that have many angled surfaces or might not easily be reached by other methods. The electrostatic system helps to ensure that hard to reach surfaces that are not in line of sight are still treated.

Electric Multi-Spraying

Over the years we have selected the most effective multi-sprayers and have modified the units to meet the specific needs of our application system. An electric sprayer is very important for surfaces that require greater product coverage such as carpet, fabric furniture and other highly absorbent materials. Electrostatic spraying or fogging these materials doesn't offer enough coverage to be completely effective.

Electric ULV Cold Fogging

A ULV (ultra low volume) cold fogger is an important tool for many applications. Walls for instance need thick coverage, but can't be wet too heavily due to the effect of water on the paint and materials. Ultra low volume fogging offers a light to medium coverage with very fine particle spray. This ensures that no surface gets too much product but there is still adequate coverage. Fogging is very useful in spaces with electronic equipment.

Hand Spraying and Wiping

Hand spraying and hand wiping are critical, and must be a part of any fully effective sanitizing and disinfecting application. Keyboards, remotes, electronics, touchscreens, menus, door handles and many other frequent touch point surfaces require special attention.

Using a microfiber cloth color coded system, we spray and clean with one color, then we coat and treat the selected surface with a different color to ensure an effective application.

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