Our Mission...

To create safer spaces by SANITIZING, DISINFECTING, PROTECTING and CERTIFYING places we use every day

Secure Shield Technologies applicators are accredited Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) technicians. Each space and environment to be treated is unique and requires specialized knowledge.


Providing a safe educational environment in the COVID-19 world of today becomes a critical mission. We are all connected and we MUST take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of these environments. Some of the education related environments we treat and protect are college campuses, dorm rooms, common spaces, shared campus/school facilities, courtyards, playgrounds, primary/secondary school classrooms, science labs, locker rooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, teacher lounges and administrative departments.

Restaurant and Bar

In a highly social world, dining and drinking establishments present a greater risk based on the number of patrons that congregate and use these venues. Secure Shield Technologies has the capability to treat all types of food and beverage establishments including but not limited to full service restaurant facilities (front and back of house), bars, catering operations, food preparation facilities, commercial kitchens, outdoor dining areas, caf├ęs, convention centers and food trucks.

Commercial and Retail

Retail and commercial space usage has been severely affected due to COVID-19. Secure Shield Technologies is working to help retail and commercial business renters and owners through these tough times. Some of the environments we treat and protect are shopping centers, office space, retail space of all kinds, short term/virtual offices, local shops, malls and commercial plazas.

Sports and Fitness

Staying healthy, fit and safe for ourselves as well as those around us is vital. Some of the facilities and spaces we protect include sports arenas, stadiums, ball parks, gyms, bowling alleys, golf facilities (clubhouses, golf carts, cart barns, driving ranges), race tracks, swimming pool facilities, roller/ice rinks and sports pavillions.

Residential and Hospitality

From your home or single family residence to a multiple guest environment, Secure Shield Technologies' products simply WORK. EPA approved and environmentally friendly, our water based technology is invisible, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non irritating to skin, odourless and will not affect the appearance of any surface. Some of the residential and hospitality environments we treat and protect are private homes, realtor listings, open houses, rental properties (short and long term), community clubhouses, shared community facilities, hotels, motels and mobile homes.


The active ingredients of our Bio-Static agent are Chitin and Chitosan. Used in natural supplements, cosmetics/shampoos, military medical bandages and water purification systems it is a perfect solution for healthcare centers that use sensitive equipment or where a patient's skin might contact directly with equipment or furniture. Some of the healthcare environments we treat and protect are ALFs (assisted living facilities), medical clinics, doctor's offices, hospitals, dental care offices, spa & massage therapy centers and pharmacies.

Government and Administrative

Federal, state and local government buildings are spaces that Secure Shield Technologies are actively working with. Additionally we treat and protect libraries, city halls, park facilities, rest stops, administration buildings, courthouses, prisons, police stations, fire rescue stations, highway garages, department of motor vehicles and tax collector offices.


Shared transportation touchpoints are highly contagious and are one of the easiest ways of transmitting pathogens from person to person. If your shared transportation hasn't been Sanitized, Disinfected, Protected and Certified by Secure Shield Technologies ask them why! We make the methods you use to get around safer, including Lyft/Uber cars, taxis, metros, public transport facilities and vehicles, airports, bus stations, delivery vehicles, fleet vehicles, driving school vehicles, school busses, private vehicles, RVs and boats.

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