Our Process

Secure Shield Technologies is committed to offering individually tailored solutions for every customer. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive four step process to achieve this goal. We consider our customer's needs, budget and the scope of the project. You do not have to compromise to have a safer and more secure space.

Step 1 - Review

A Secure Shield Technologies specialist will visit your location and perform a complimentary site inspection. Based on your timeframe, and what you are trying to accomplish we will provide you a tailored program specific to your needs and budget.

Step 2 - Treat

At a pre-designated time, our team of certified professional applicators will treat your facility using the Nano-Shield Antimicrobial system. Upon completion, documentation will be provided to certify that the space has been professionally treated. In addition Secure Shield Technologies will provide marketing and display materials for public awareness.

Step 3 - Ongoing Protection

Every 90 days, our professional applicators will return to re-treat your high touchpoint surfaces. This will ensure that your facility maintains the highest possible protective barrier against germs and viruses.

Step 4 - Secure & Supply

SST wants to ensure that YOU are in control and as safe as possible at all times. We will provide a bottle of our proprietary solution and we will instruct you on how and when to apply it. This will help to maintain high touchpoint protection between 90 day re-application periods.

Secure Shield Technologies